301 Oxford Valley Road, Suite 703B

301 Oxford Valley Road, Suite 703B

“I have worked with Dr Sgarlato for three years and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking services for APD, ADHD as well as Autism related disorders. Dr. Sgarlato is extremely professional, knowledgeable as well as personable and caring. Having a child with multiple issues, Dr. Sgarlato has the expertise to look at the whole picture and provide a plan of action. I have had to reach out to her many times via emails with questions and concerns and she is always quick to respond in a well thought out manner. Dr. Sgarlato is truly gifted in her field and an absolute pleasure to work with.” - C. Roth

I began receiving Mezieres therapy following a shoulder injury, surgery and physical therapy. I had limited range of motion and considerable pain. After the first Mezieres session I began to feel a relief in my pain! I continued once a week for 6 months. I now have complete and full range of motion and I''m pain free. I highly recommend this therapy!! - V. Morro

We sought you out after hearing about the great work you have done with children on the spectrum. I am very pleased with the results of my son''s progress since he began his auditory therapy program with you. We followed your advice and he started with The Listening Program with Bone Conduction, then went on to the Fast ForWord Language program and then did Lindamood-Bell. My son is now reading and understanding what he reads! He moved from 3 years behind in his reading comprehension to grade level in one year! I know this would not have been possible without all your guidance and help. A big thank you from Ethan!! We will continue to recommend your services to everyone we know! - - A Parsons

Before I heard about the Mezieres Method I had lost all hope that anything would help me live my life again without pain and without pain medication. I had tried everything and was told that surgery was my only option. Though I kept my appointment for the surgery I decided to give the Mezieres Method a chance. In one month I was able to move more freely and WITHOUT PAIN!!! I have not felt like this in years! I never had the surgery! The Mezieres Method has provided me with relief from 2 herniated discs in my spine which were pressing on my nerves causing pain when I walk, sit, and sleep. Prior to therapy I had taken cortisone injections and saw so many different specialists in pain management, but no one was able to relieve my pain. I thank God that I found you and the Mezieres Method!! Thank you so much! - - Josephine Marino

Thank you for the wonderful and comprehensive auditory processing evaluation you performed on my daughter. We have had testing done in the past but none as thorough and with such understanding and compassion as yours! I know we will be able to get our daughter the help she needs now that we have the answer to all our questions! Thank you! C. Mele

We were delighted to have our daughter evaluated in our home for occupational therapy by Jenna. The evaluation was done professionally and provided us with a better understanding of Addie''s sensory processing issues. She was so much more comfortable to be in her own home and not visit yet another specialist''s office! Jenna was kind, patient and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you so much for the great evaluation and report. We will recommend you to many of our friends! -

I’m a long sufferer of neck, back and shoulder pain along with being a migraine sufferer since I was a young girl. I have had many treatments including PT, Chiropractic and medication over the years. I can’t believe how much I learned about my body from this therapy. I never imagined that it could completely take away my pain. Mezieres is a completely different method of global stretching using breathing techniques. I came to my first visit with a migraine. By the time I left it had gone away! This never happened to me before. It was amazing. He has also helped my 9 year old son who was incorrectly prescribed orthotics as a toddler by a PT. As a result, his knee and hips are turned in. Mezieres has helped to straighten and strengthen my son’s legs. I highly recommend the Mezieres Method! It not only helps stop pain, but it helps with balance and prevents injury in the future. It’s the best therapy out there and I truly believe anyone can benefits from Mezieres. Thank you!- Cheryl Simon