Weight loss group favorite of the 10

Weight loss group favorite of the 10 "thin violence" food

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Many people think that eating less to lose weight can, in fact, when you eat than before the reduction will be thin, but there are a lot of people are unable to endure the feeling hungry, eat a storm and should be counter-productive. I will now provide the top 10 natural food diet (in alphabetical order) to allow owners to lose weight and gluttonous, keep fit in the process can enjoy great tasting it does not have to eat too much attention to the weight, so we have to lose weight have all the fun!

Favorite food group to lose weight

Whole wheat package

Heat: 65cal / a

Whole wheat bread bag is the lowest in calories, if you do not enjoy is no package, on the recommendation of your breakfast or tea time to eat whole grains a package filled Tiandu Zi!


Heat: 132cal / a

Many foreign countries are set to lose weight menu oatmeal for breakfast main dishes, to a low card, and secondly nutritious, containing vitamins B, E, iron, and other components in promoting the effectiveness of the digestive system is. Today it is used in place of cheese do Xiaoye, certainly much more fit.


Heat: 40cal / a

Broccoli with a rich high-fiber components, with tomato, onion, green pepper, and other material into a thin soup to pot, the hungry times very effective, low-card and Bao Du.


Heat: 66cal / pound

Asparagus is rich in vitamins A and C, used to make salad a good choice, or during leisure to do a cup of cooked asparagus pot, watching TV when the music can be when to eat snacks, health and not fat.


Heat: 19cal / Banwan

Scientific research has pointed out that a dinner of eggplant can play a role in preventing absorption of fat at the same time contains vitamins A, B and miscellaneous C, weight loss for people who talk a good line and eat good food.


A lot of weight loss Chicken Department designated menu dishes, peeled, of course, food, lower the heat. 3-ounce chicken only 4.1g fat, more than half the calories of beef and pork even lower.


Heat: 145cal / a large potato

Fresh potatoes keep fit and not-take-all, because there are 20 French fries into the heat 260cal, so eating boiled potatoes on the safety of potato chips? Of course, free to ask!


Heat: flooding tuna salmon 135cal/1/4 Cup 70cal / one ounce

Seafood in general keep fit are the first choice for President, flooding salt tuna with salmon, you may wish to lose weight as a main course meal.


Heat: 232cal / a

If Lvye Cai with food, you can speed up the body''s metabolism.


Heat: 50cal / a

Orange with natural sugars, fiber and a low number of cards is used in place of candy, cakes, cookies, and so the best choice for dessert, sweet tropic and sisters but weight loss can fresh orange sweet food to meet the desire, together with the multi-fiber food has Defecation help to reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body.