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We’re nearly one week away from XanGo’s 5th Anniversary Convention next week in Salt Lake City. Many of you are starting to pack your bags and getting ready for what will be one of the best events this industry has ever seen!

Of course, you can get the full agenda for XanGo convention right here.

We will also be holding the 5th annual MyMangosteen Mixer for all those who wish to come join us on Thursday night from 8:30-11PM. This is a free party we offer every year to those on the MyMangosteen team. This year’s Mixer should be especially exciting because:

we’re holding the event directly across the hall from XanGo’s Opening Reception on Thursday night in the Salt Palace. We’ll be in Room 155 of the Salt Palace, so after you’ve spent some time at the opening reception, look for the MyMangosteen Mixer signs and walk across the hall for this exclusive event

several of the founders and top XanGo leaders will be there to rub shoulders with us

we will be holding a raffle for some great prizes (including a brand new iPod)

plenty of our famous “XanGo Punch” will be flowing

special announcements about will be made

friends will be met and good times will be had

Remember, this is exclusive event will be:

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Set your email preferences by visiting:

Join us for this exciting FREE event on Wednesday, September 26th.

Click here for a printable PDF of the flyer below.

Check these new items out! You can only find them at Convention, so don’t forget…after November 1, 2006, the only way to register for Convention is on-site at the Salt Palace and the price jumps to $250 USD! November 1, 2006 is the LAST day to register online or over the phone, and your last chance to get the stellar price of $200 USD. Click here for online registration or make all your arrangements by calling SLCVB at 800.217.0002.

License Plate Frame: XanGo-ify your wheels. Made of aluminum for durability, this is a great item to combine with the car magnet. “XanGo is for drivers” written on the bottom, “XanGo” up top.

Bottle Bag: Saturated in coolness, this mesh bag is a clever branding device to deliver XanGo Juice to your first-time customers. Smooth grey with a XanGo tag on the inside. Holds one bottle.

Mesh Bling Bracelet: Warning: Shield your eyes when around the XanGo Bling Bracelet. Need we say more? No, but we will. The XanGo is spelled out in rhinestones and attached to a shiny stainless bracelet. Adorn your wrist in XanGo flash.

Striped Dress Shirt: Dress for XanGo success in this sharp and distinctive shirt. White with alternating orange and grey stripes it even includes a tasteful weave pattern. A men’s cut, it includes a breast pocket. Also available in ladies’ cut.

Stacker Charm Keychain: Keep your keys company with the Stacker Keychain. Its a zinc alloy chain with one XanGo and four star trinkets.

Click here for images of these items, and much more!

After November 1, 2006, the only way to register for Convention is on-site at the Salt Palace and the price jumps to $250 USD!  November 1, 2006 is the LAST day to register online or over the phone, and your last chance to get the stellar price of $200 USD.

This Convention is going to be an event you’ll be hearing about for ages. Get your group together and register this weekend before its too late!  Click here for online registration or make all your arrangements by calling SLCVB at 800.217.0002.

David Butler comes to Olympia, Saturday 10/28

Don’t miss this event happening this Saturday, 10/28

Presenting an all-star line-up of speakers; including…

network marketing author and 200K Daren Falter,

network marketing pro and 200K Art Manville,

and special guests Premier Dr. Les Berenson

and also Dr. Robert C. Stone!!

The Governor Hotel Ramada Inn, Downtown Olympia

I want to extend to each of you a personal invitation to attend XanGo’s 4th Annual Convention. Convention is such a vital event to attend! Its like Gordon says, “Leaders are born at events.”

Leaders not only attend meetings, but they also bring others with them. This is one of the biggest ways to motivate your group, so make sure you lead by example: You need to DO what you want your group to do. This is a perfect time to take advantage, because XanGo’s biggest leaders are doing breakout sessions that you can only find at Convention.

I love the Analogy of the Hot Coals: When you take a hot coal and remove it from the rest, it turns cold, but if you keep it lit by the fire it will burn bright & hot for hours. Momentum from Convention can be thought of in much the same way: The fire that Convention brings will burn right through December and well into 2007.

Make sure you keep your coals with the rest.  Make your plans with your group and register for Convention today! Click here for online registration or make all your arrangements by calling SLCVB at 800.217.0002.

New Convention Store Items to Preview!

New Convention Store Items to Preview!

True to our word, here are five more items for you to preview, salivate and dream over. But remember, they are only available at our 4th Annual Convention. Click here to view all of these awesome items, and more, online!

Smell up your home with XanGo scented candles. Each set comes with a Cinnamon, Vanilla and Lavender candle in beautifully decorated tins with gold print. Added bonus: Tin is recyclable. Use to hold herbs, little mementos or whatever.Limited Edition Shot Glass Set: Crafted especially for knocking your socks off. These puppies are made of high-end European glass with XanGo etched on the bottom. These 3-oz. glasses are a limited edition. Get them while you can. Sold in sets of four.XanGo Fruit Replica: Warning: this is blatant mangosteen impersonation. Theres incredible science behind this rubber model. This replica has been engineered with magnets to hold the five-section pulp in place while allowing for it to be perfectly removed by hand.

XanGo-licious Long-sleeved Tee: This shirt is great alone. What could improve it? Just someone walking behind you carrying a stereo playing Jimi Hendrixs Foxy Lady. Made with thick, high-end, custom dyed, stretchy fabric. The letters are a crystal transfer appliqu.

Charm Bracelet: Bling, baby, bling. 5 charms: two stars, XANGO, bottle, fruit. This set takes SWAG to the next level. Simply a la mode for the XanGo distributor who appreciates the words smart and stylish.

Convention is coming soon! Click here for online registration or make all your arrangements by calling SLCVB at 800.217.0002. Well see you there!

Tell Us Your Xango Events Story

Tell Us Your XanGo Events Story!

Cant get enough of XanGo corporate events? Well, we want to hear why.

We want to know which meetings you love and why you love them. Did they pump you up for recruiting? Did they give you the motivation you needed to advance a rank? We want to hear them all.

Please send your story about XanGo events to We are going to use these stories in the GO Magazine.

Let the rest of the XanGo nation know how great XanGo events are by spreading the word!

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening Everyone -

Andrea and I just celebrated our 3rd year with Xango and as an added bonus we have also had our best month ever. It has been an incredible journey and we look forward to the many miles ahead.

I would like to welcome all of the new customers and distributors to the team. What an amazing time to be involved in this industry. Xango, the fastest growing home based business in history, the fastest selling health supplement in history has now expanded into Europe and is about to Launch into Singapore and soon Malaysia and Taiwan. This is exciting!

With all of the great things happening in Xango, with all of the amazing growth it means nothing to your financial future without one key ingredient - Action.

You are at the right place at the right time - Are you going to take advantage of it?

If there were one thing I could tell that I feel will ultimately lead you to success - besides the power of desire and determination, it would be to get plugged in. Become part of the team not just on the outside looking in. Get on the conference calls, go to events and talk to the 20K’s and Premiers and get connected.

There are all sorts of obstacles in our daily lives. Family, work, health and the list goes on and on. There are also all sorts of excuses we can make about why we are not getting the results we would like to get with our business.

I came across an AMAZING tool that some of you may have already come across and some of you may have not. It is truly the most amazing “Secret” to success.

Everyone should have a copy of this DVD.

Congratulation to all of those “Making” things happen. I look forward to meeting you and hearing about your success. To all of those “Watching” things happen -It is impossible to steal second base with one foot still on first. Take actions today.

Please introduce yourself and let me know how I can help you to reach your goals. We are a team. No one can build a business alone.

I hope you have already signed up for convention and the team dinner - Tickets are going fast and we are expecting more than 8,000 people to attend.

The team dinner:

I hope to see you all at the convention and look forward to meeting each of you.

If you have a great business or product testimonial or you simply have a question or would like to introduce yourself please call me or e-mail me anytime.

Xango - Dan